We continuously seek to improve our environment performance

Environment Policy

Multi-Temp (UK) Ltd recognises that it has a duty of care for the protection of the environment and will seek to continuously improve its environmental performance by:

  • Reducing the environmental effect of its activities to a minimum, by the prevention of pollution, noise, reduction of waste and efficient use of resources
  • Ensuring that the use of refrigerants is controlled, and relevant employees are trained in use and recovery
  • Continually developing a sense of environmental responsibility amongst its employees and contractors
  • Ensuring that trade waste is appropriately stored and disposed of correctly
  • Developing incident and complaint procedures. 
Where contamination occurs, this knowledge will be shared with the appropriate authorities and appropriate management strategies agreed

Multi-temp (UK) Ltd will manage its environmental responsibilities within its normal business processes by:

  • Fulfilling its duty of care to protect the environment by compliance with relevant legislation
  • Defining organisational responsibilities for protection of the environment
  • Providing environmental awareness training to employees and sub-contractors
  • Auditing/reviewing environmental performance

The industry seal of approval attained by Multi-Temp for refrigerant safe handling

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